Which Receivers Support 32APSK Today?

In 2011, I expect to learn of many new receiver products for 32APSK. Only two professional receivers appear to have been widely field tested in 2010.

These include:

1. The AZ-9xx Azimuth receiver series from Newtec (Belgium)
2. The AZ-410 Azimuth broadcast modem from Newtec (Belgium)
3. The RD-60 DSNG IRD receiver from Adtec Digital (USA)

Along with 8PSK and 16APSK transmissions, TV2GO conducted nearly a dozen transatlantic links at 32APSK in 2010. By all accounts, the reliability of this high order modulation were outstanding. Adrian Hepes, CTO at TV2GO, hopes to conduct a 32APSK H264 HDTV link test during the US Superbowl weekend. This link will depend on whether SM2Sports can free up a 9MHz slot to coincide. With two weeks to go, details for this link test have not yet been confirmed.

If you have hands-on experience with comparable 16APSK / 32APSK receivers, please email me or post your comments.


Update: April 20, 2011

I recently had a chance to work with the Ericsson RX8200 Advanced Modular Receiver. My first impression: WOW! The interface and full range of configurable features approach perfection. Sadly, the RD8200 is limited to 16APSK constellation with DVB-S2. Hopefully, Ericsson will remedy this omission in the near future.

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