Milestone – First 32APSK Transatlantic Live Link

On Sunday, November 29th, TV2Go sent NBC’s  Sunday Night NFL  on 32 APSK on 9 MHz in parallel with the regular 8PSK path. According to Adrian Hepes, CTO with TV2GO in Canada, the transmission was a success. “We sent 30.229 Mbit/s Vs 20.094 Mbit/s on 8PSK”, said Hepes. “The transmission went flawlessly.”

“TV2GO is transmitting  the NFL for IMG customers. While the NFL is on we have started to test the new technologies available out there.  It’s been more than a year since we are playing with 32 APSK and 16 APSK modulation schemes.  We are gathering data and confidence with every day that goes by.  We are confident this technology will prevail and we are working to determine operation schemes that will improve efficiency and quality of satellite communication.”

“We are also working closely with manufacturing industry to create the hardware necessary for these new frontiers. For more than two years we have develop cooperation with ADTEC ltd. They are the manufacturing company that provide us with, I believe, one of world best encoders – MediaHub 4.2.2 , EN80 and EN81. These are the encoders use for the NFL for the the past two seasons. Results speaks for themselves. Adtec released this year their RD60 decoder. This young machine promises and getting very close to deliver an amazing tool for what I believe will become the next satellite and IP interface box.  Capable to handle on the demodulator side all the 32APSK and 16APSK options  while on  decoder side flies on beautiful H264 4.2.2. video supported by an 8 pair audio card. Applications are countless. My friends from Adtec will like to send an RD 60 to you and then we can expand the 32APSK test in video at 4.2.2 option and Dolby E discrete audio solutions.”

Adrian Hepes, Technical Director at TV2GO.

Link to Jay Versluis post Feb 2, 2010

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